Delft Haptics Lab
Department of Cognitive Robotics
Faculty of 3mE (building 34)
Delft University of Technology
Mekelweg 2
2628 CD Delft, The Netherlands

Research Office Space:    Room 34-F-1-010
David’s Office:                   Room 34-F-2-120
Experiment Room:           Room 34-F-1-360

Concerning  requests for David as a speaker in media/events

Please contact Wendie Ockeloen
T: 0031-651170110

Route Description

For a route description to the Faculty of 3mE of Delft University of Technology, please see Google Maps. If you come by car, the most convenient parking areas are located on the backside of the building, near Leeghwaterstraat 22. You can enter the Faculty of 3mE through the back entrance.

From the main entrance, walk inside the main hall to the left, past the coffee corner, up the stairs to the 1st floor. From there, take the doors to the right (past the copy machine) and walk down the red hallway (the windows to your right are already the Delft Haptics Lab Office Space, where PhDs, postdocs and MScs work.
Take the first right to enter block F, where there are stairs going up and down. Going a few steps up will take you to the second floor (F2), where you will find David’s office at F2-120. Taking a few steps down will take you to the first floor (F1), to a small hall with at table. You will be in front of two doors: one leading into F1-010 (the office space of the Delft Haptics Lab) and one leading to a narrow corridor overlooking the main hall with cars. If you continue to walk down this corridor, you will end up at our experiment room 34-F-1-360.

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